#MTNFMUSONDonorsConcert: From Afrobeat To Rock & Jazz, Transporting Guests To A State Of Musical Bliss

It was a night of pleasure and top-notch classical music for guests at the MTN Foundation MUSON School of Music’s Donor concert. The event, which took place at the Agip Recital Hall, Muson Center, Lagos yesterday, was an unforgettable experience for the audience who came prepared to be inspired, demonstrating their love and passion for good music.

The students of the MUSON School of Music thrilled the audience with their mastery of various musical instruments; transporting guests to a state of musical bliss with contemporary Nigerian tunes and classical renditions of Afro beats, rock, jazz, and hip hop on a wide array of musical instruments.

The concert was staged in honor of the long time partnership between MTN Foundation and MUSON. Since the year 2006, the MTN Foundation-sponsored MUSON Music Scholars program has produced students with excellent musical abilities who have gone on to become exceptional performers and professionals in the music and performing arts industry. MTN foundation’s sponsorship has added value to the entertainment industry outside the usual genres of music obtainable.

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Knack Am Singer Gets Knack am-ed?

Togolese Activist Farida Nabourema Calls Out Yemi Alade:

Togolese activist Farida Nabourema recently called out Nigerian singer Yemi Alade for her support of Togolese president. The activist was not happy that Yemi Alade had accepted a paid invitation to perform for Togolese president Faure Gnassingbe.

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Why Is Kehinde Wiley Painting Barack Obama Such A Big Deal?

Nigerian artist Kehinde Wiley will be the first black artist to create an official USA presidential portrait for the Smithsonian. The painting of a past President of the USA follows a tradition that dates back to America’s 41st president, George H. Bush, where the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery commissions an artist to create a portrait of the President and the First Lady after their tenure.

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Shift Lemme Faint

Have you heard of the latest stage play ‘Shift Lemme Faint’? The production is the brain child of Gbagyichild Entertainment and it features Beverly Naya, Akah Nnani, Najite Dede, Omoye Uzamere and Daniel Etim Effiong. The play depicts life in Nigeria and has conversations and monologues that are witty.

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With a nice blunt with a nice slow burn: Erykah Badu Knows The Best Way To Jam Some FELA…

US singer Erykah Badu has being announced as the artist to curate the next batch of Fela Vinyl box sets which will be released on the 15th of December 2017. The selection will be sold in a limited run of 3000 copies as Fela Kuti Box set #4. The collection of the box set ranges ranges from 1992’s Underground System, 1984’s Army Arrangement to Yellow Fever from 1976 and 1977’s No Agreement.

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Do We Really Need A “Wedding Party” Sequel?

In a recent chat with Genevieve Magazine, the CEO of EbonyLife Films Mo Abudu, revealed the reason the for a sequel to The Wedding Party movie which cemented itself in the Nigerian movie industry as the highest grossing Nollywood movie in history with over N400 million in profit.

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Apparently Wizkid Is Not The First African/Nigerian To Sell Out The Royal Albert Hall

First things first, a big congratulations to Wizkid for selling out the Royal Albert Hall. The Star Boy achieved this feat on the 30th of September. His show was so successful that a lot of celebs went on social media to congratulate Wizzy not just for a sold out show but hailing him as the first Nigerian and in some cases African to sell out the Royal Albert hall.

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Simi, Mayorkun, LasGiidi And A Remedies Return… Afropolitan Vibes Never Disappoints…

Afropolitan Vibes never disappoints. Like mature wine it just keeps getting better with each event. And with all due respect to Freedom Park and its managers, the new location for AV is just perfect. The Muri Okunola Park is more serene, more central. There’s more girls people, more palm wine, more parking, more space to dance and get wasted in… more everything!

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So We Finally Got A Glimpse Of Asa’s Butt And We’re Not Impressed…

We know you want to keep in shape, Asa, but don’t be a tease. If you’re going to do a sexy workout video, do a sexy workout video. Don’t share a sweaty video of your trim body, and your finely shaped abs, and then when the camera is about to swing below, you bring it up. No, don’t be evil. Don’t be that way. Uhn Uhn. SMH. That’s Maheeda’s job.

No, Asa. We are not impressed. That being said, we’re still going to watch a thousand more times. Watch the truly raunchy video after the cut.

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