With a nice blunt with a nice slow burn: Erykah Badu Knows The Best Way To Jam Some FELA…

US singer Erykah Badu has being announced as the artist to curate the next batch of Fela Vinyl box sets which will be released on the 15th of December 2017. The selection will be sold in a limited run of 3000 copies as Fela Kuti Box set #4. The collection of the box set ranges ranges from 1992’s Underground System, 1984’s Army Arrangement to Yellow Fever from 1976 and 1977’s No Agreement.


“Fela Kuti is a f*ck*ng genius,” Badu said. “Please listen to these tracks, preferably with a nice blunt…with a nice slow burn.”

Erykah has also written seven personal essays to accompany her selection while the box set will feature commentaries by veteran music journalist and Afrobeat historian Chris May.

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