Simi, Mayorkun, LasGiidi And A Remedies Return… Afropolitan Vibes Never Disappoints…

Afropolitan Vibes never disappoints. Like mature wine it just keeps getting better with each event. And with all due respect to Freedom Park and its managers, the new location for AV is just perfect. The Muri Okunola Park is more serene, more central. There’s more girls people, more palm wine, more parking, more space to dance and get wasted in… more everything!

And the fact that we need to wait 3 months for the next AV event is bittersweet. Bitter because we wish we could have a palm wine party to go to every week. Sweet because we get a better-organized event. Just like the one that happened last week Friday.

I won’t bore you with the roll call of acts that performed because if you follow Farabale Africa on social media, we’ve been promoting the event non-stop.

Straight to the main highlights…

WTF Is Lasgidi?


Or is it Lasgiidi? To be honest, hadn’t heard of him till the pre-event hype started so I did some YouTube digging and well… Let’s just say I was looking forward to seeing this guy perform unknown songs to a half-drunk Lagos hippie crowd on a Friday night. I was expecting him to be booed off stage but when his performance started, surprisingly the crowd took to him and his music. They even sang along! What can I say? Lasgidi crowd loves what Lasgiidi crowd loves. Pun not intended.



Girl still has a lot to do when it comes to her stagecraft. We wrote about this when she performed earlier this year. Her voice however, makes up for her lack of stage presence and her outfit was totally hot and yeah I still have a crush on her.


AV-Farabale-07 AV-Farabale-05 AV-Farabale-01

Okay these three guys have been through it all, been there, done that and have the t-shirts and face-caps to back it up.

What can one say about the Remedies? With Afrobeats on an international warpath, and with such present global juggernauts like Wiz and David and Olamide and the likes of Eazi and Kiss Daniels and Small Doctor, its easy to think that the careers of such trios like the Remedies is done and dusted.

And then they put up a completely electric performance like they did last weekend, surprising even the most cynical critic in the crowd (aka me) and then it gets one thinking and wondering, believing even, maybe, just maybe these guys still have something to offer. Or do they?

I’ll let you be the judge. Check out some of the crowd reactions when they got on stage.

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