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So We Finally Got A Glimpse Of Asa’s Butt And We’re Not Impressed…

We know you want to keep in shape, Asa, but don’t be a tease. If you’re going to do a sexy workout video, do a sexy workout video. Don’t share a sweaty video of your trim body, and your finely shaped abs, and then when the camera is about to swing below, you bring it up. No, don’t be evil. Don’t be that way. Uhn Uhn. SMH. That’s Maheeda’s job.

No, Asa. We are not impressed. That being said, we’re still going to watch a thousand more times. Watch the truly raunchy video after the cut.

Rest. Burn. Song Brother by Matt Corby

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Dance. Song, Laye by Kiss Daniel

A video posted by Asa (@asa_music) on


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