So What Naija Comic/Books/Story Do You Want To See...

So What Naija Comic/Books/Story Do You Want To See As A Movie?

We hear there’s a ‘Passport of Mallam Ilia’ movie in the works. There’s also a Queen Amina trailer that scorched the internet some time last year. But it seems right after the ‘Black Panther’ fever has worn off, those that predicted the Billion-dollar grossing Marvel movie was going to break ground for more ‘African Hero’ stories to be told may be somewhat disappointed. At Lagos Comicon 2018, we asked some studio heads and artists, Martin Avwenegha (Artist), Ibrahim Ganiyu (Imperial Creations), Jide Martin (Comic Republic) Ayo Elegba (Spoof Comics), which Naija/African story they would love translated into the big screen.

Their responses were interesting as most of them chose stories and titles they had a hand in creating. Before you judge them though, check out some the stories they mentioned below and conclude for yourself. Would you see these movies in the cinema?


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Time traveling from the year 1937 to most recent times, Avonome is left with only memory of her name, a companion and the gift to see spirits…Published by Comic Republic, written by Xavier Ighorodje, artist Stanch Obende


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A young heroine hunts for strength to save the entire time circle: the past, present and the future. Created by Jide Martin and Wale Awelenje, Written by Wale Awelenje, Artist Ozo Ezeogu



Just the regular life of a hustling boxer who dares to be extra ordinary. In a bid to succeed, Ismaila “Easy” Kareem consults a voodoo doctor that gives him a charmed arm band to enhance his boxing abilities which “Easy” finally decides to use for good. Created By Spoof Comics.

Dark Edge:

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Unable to remember his past due to memory loss, Azim and his ally Ebele try to uncover the mystery to Azim’s possession of an ancient artifact, his true identity and why he is wanted dead. Created by Imperial Comics.

So what naija stories do you want to see as a movie?