Inside The 8 Rooms Of Sao & The Muse 3: The C...

Inside The 8 Rooms Of Sao & The Muse 3: The Collaboration Era

Hosted by Sao Cafe in Lagos, the annual 3-day art party ‘Sao and The Muse’ has become a mini mecca of sorts for the uber-cool artsy posse in the Lagos metropolis. This year the organizers pulled out all the stops; 8 talented artists were given 8 rooms as a blank canvas with a simple brief: be awesome. And boy did they deliver! Here’s a brief tour of the 8 mind-palaces the 8 artists created at this years ‘Sao And The Muse’.

The Dodge Challenger

The overtly expressive car: Osa7 gave us oyibo self expressive art through his graffiti illustration titled “Saturation”. His medium of expression which is usually neon colored spray paint on a Dodge Challenger (imagine having that in your garage) as well as other “negative-filter” inspired artworks.

The board that expresses your feelings (it’s our work o!): How does Lagos make you feel? We put up our logo and made painting free-to-all. Talk about stress relief for the weekend!


“The house”: let’s take a trip to the good old times of the really simple life… particularly, the 90s and 80s. Let’s consider the furniture, the analogue gadgets and the use of minimal colors— now you’re thinking! “Ulo” (the house) created by Jane Micheal and Popartii brought us a fusion of nostalgic vintage vibes with a twist of the 9ija standard uniform (Ankara). If you’ve ever loved the minimalist vibe; this would totally have been your go to!

Shop on the go- we had the art market grace us with their statement African pieces. Rafia, hide accessories, African inspired interior decor and so much more … have a look


Refresh your tongue : The cafe is known for its satisfying meals and a bar that tends to emotional needs. The outdoor bar as well as the indoor bar did us justice. You can definitely visit, it’s a certified chill spot.



Tattoos: Yes o, me sef I was shook! Lol, there was a tattoo spot as well. Think about it, you’re hanging with creatives, you’ve signed and painted your heart out on our banner, you’ve taken really good pictures everywhere and the juices in your system just made you even more loose, what’s left? Tattoos!


On the inside: artists like:
Rotimi Williams, OSA seven, Adeyinka Akingbade, Obi chigozie, D. Oki, Williams Chechet ; give you a sip of their thoughts through a visual artistic representation.

I’m guessing you’re biting your nails cause of how pained you are and no, there was no gate fee it was totally free. Don’t be told, just turn on your post notifications for @saocafe and @farabaleafrica to get updates on the next event.