MI Abaga Chairmanship Of Naija Rap Still lntact At...

MI Abaga Chairmanship Of Naija Rap Still lntact At Afropolitan Vibes

When MI dropped ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ (or rather #YRSFUYL because 2018) it was the musical equivalent of Tony Montana aka Scarface pointing the nozzle of his ‘little friend’ at the entire Naija rap scene and getting his gun off. Safe to say, very few including yours truly took it lightly.

After that single, more than a few rappers had their boxers in a twist and some of them went into the studio to untangle said undergarments, recording diss tracks in reply to MI Abaga’s scathing criticism.

MI rode the noise and did what everyone expected: dropped an album. Titled ‘Rendezvous’ which I can’t help but think was a kind of a ‘Cash me outside’ reply to the rappers who were up in arms, he’s been busy pushing the project to both mainstream and niche music crowds, one of which was his appearance on the stage at Afropolitan Vibes.

Track list What track is your fav so far????

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At the just concluded Afropolitan Vibes concert held at Muri Okunola Park in Lagos, the performance of the self titled ‘African Rapper No 1’ threw rap fans in a frenzy. Although some mumbled through some his new music, MI’s showmanship reinforced his influence as King apparent of Nigerian RAP music, especially when he reeled of over 10 of his hit songs from his previous albums.

Despite the criticisms over his ‘chairmanship’ of both the Naija rap scene and even his record lable Chocolate City, gauging by the reaction of the crowd at the concert, it’s obvious the short black boy from Taraba state still has a lot to offer. Check out photos from his set at Afropolitan Vibes.

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It’s a blast here mahn! #AfropolitanVibes #AfropolitanVibesFestival

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A snippet of Mr Incredible’s magic. #AfropolitanVibes @mi_abaga

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