Farabale Africa Set To Enlist Artists For GTBank&#...

Farabale Africa Set To Enlist Artists For GTBank’s Art635 Digital Gallery

Hey #FarabaleFam,

As part of our commitment to promote talented artists and create a positive image of the Nigeria art space and the African art scene at large, we’re constantly searching for opportunities to help us and artists we represent reach and surpass their potential.

To this end, we’re happy to inform you that FARABALE will now be working with the GTBank Art635 Gallery ( to create more opportunities for African artists.

What is the ART635 Platform?

Art is one of the four pillars of GTBank Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the launch of Art635 is the latest of the Bank’s sustained efforts to promote African arts locally and internationally. Art635 is an online collection of African Artwork serving to showcase the work of African artists.

Art635 Website

How does it benefit you?

The objective of Art635 is to support African artists by making their artwork more visible and profitable with no cost to the artist.

How does FARABALE come in?

Because of our experience in promoting young artists with our ongoing events and initiatives, we will be working with the GTBank Art635 gallery to facilitate the on-boarding of these artists into the gallery. We will also be collaborating with the Art635 gallery with the aim of promoting Artists on the Art635 platform and educating young artists and people with creative interests. One of our roles is also to recommend young visionary artists to feature on the ART635 Gallery (

More details soon!

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