“It Took Me 122 hours To Create This Work Of...

“It Took Me 122 hours To Create This Work Of Art…” – How Israel Fatola Created ‘Life On Land’ The Winning ArtWork In The Farabale ArtBeat Contest

We had a quick chat over the weekend with Winner of Farabale ArtBeat 2.0 Isreal Fatola (@HeavenlyArtz) who surmounted all comers to emerge as overall winner in the public and judges voting. After the announcement, we reached out to him to give us more details about the process and work that went into creating the winning artwork titled ‘Life On Land’. An interesting anecdote is that it took him 122 hours over the course of 7 months to complete it. WOW. Read on.

Who is Fatola Israel?

I am a highly passionate Visual Artist, currently in my final year, studying Visual Arts at the Creative Arts Department, University of Lagos. I am also the exponent of HeavenlyArtz™️ – an Image Art Consult set to illustrate human experiences through Art,  with a greater honesty of Realism.
My intention of practicing art is to communicate my thoughts and ideas, varying the struggles of man as a part of the society. These varying struggles are the percolative tools that has spurred me to produce artworks that serves as an abode for emotional stress and food for the mind.

Farabale ArtBeat Isreal Fatola-1

How did you hear about the ArtBeat Challenge?

Well,  just like every other day. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed while I stumbled upon this post of the Artbeat Challenge with a very catchy price tag for the winning artwork. What actually caught my attention at first was the #200,000 LOL. I immediately shared the news with some of my close friends and we got really interested in it. “Israel, you might just win this contest!!” So I thought in my head. And YES. That’s exactly what happened.

How long did it take you to create this work?

Farabale FatolaIsrael_HeavenlyArtz Life On Land Stage 1

To be very honest,  “Life On Land” 🌽🍀🌾🌿  started out as an idea I nurtured late last year. The motive was basically to address some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  as stated by the United Nations. So I just picked up a theme, and deliberated with my friend Obayomi Anthony (He photographed the reference of which I drew from) on how we can best interpret it, without clustering the subject matter with so much noise. The muse is my very close friend as well (Ayorinde Oladimeji “Tudii”). This was back in 2016.
So yeah. I started the drawing last year.  Interestingly, as we got into 2017, I started getting a lot of works to juggle simultaneously from school. The pressure was really intense. This made me suspend the drawing along with other personal ones. Several times. I’ll resume working on it, and after some days, I will dump it again. I finally finished up the piece 7 months after I started. I took me over 122 hours in total. As destiny would have it,  I learnt about the Farabale Artbeat Challenge 2.0, and it seemed to me as the perfect time to just put up the work.

Fatola Isreal

Fatola Isreal

Describe the feeling of winning the second edition of Farabale ArtBeat Contest and a cash prize of N200k?

Ahahah….  It’s so so overwhelming. I mean, It’s not so easy to emerge top in such a large Art Contest where you have hundreds, if not thousands of entries from all across the Country.
I’m sure the judges must have had a tough time coming up with the Top 30 finalists as well. Emerging the winner for the second edition of the contest has apparently recalibrated my morale and has set me up on a whole new frequency to achieving and producing even more.  I feel really motivated and inspired. “If I can Win this,  then I can definitely achieve more.”
And YES, the #200,000 is something you know??  Last year’s edition had a #100,000 tag.  I just feel blessed because now,  I’m getting double of that 😁😁, What more can I say?
Big ups to Farabale.  You guys are just as awesome as can be. Congrats to the top finalists. And big ups to everyone one that participated. I hope a lot of young artists finds motivation and are spurred to create content filled artworks, driven with motivation and backed up with a high proficiency in skillful execution and delivery.