At Emmanuel Oyeleke’s Solo Exhibition “ReVealed”...

At Emmanuel Oyeleke’s Solo Exhibition “ReVealed”

Emmanuel Oyeleke is one of Nigeria’s foremost style photographers and his photos have graced top fashion magazines in the country. His journey to being one of the most sought-after photogs is in our exclusive interviews with him here. He held his first solo exhibition at his home studio in central Lagos and we were there to capture every moment.

Emmanuel shared his thoughts, fears and experiences about the exhibition, he said,

“The title of the exhibition is ReVealed, the V in the revealed is in red and V in Roman numerals stands for 5. It’s been five years since I started photography and that was the basic inspiration behind the whole exhibition. So it’s retrospective, putting together works from my past five years and bringing people together. The turnout has been awesome, the experiences have been amazing. It was unexpected actually because I’ve never done this before so I didn’t know what to expect. I just took a dive and I think it was amazing. The perception was really good, the reception was great and I think people enjoyed themselves.”

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The creative director of The Style Infidel brand, Tosin Ogundadegbe, was in attendance and he shared his thought on the exhibition with us. He said,

“I have followed Emmanuel’s journey for a long time, so it feels like a dream come true. I’ve seen every work he has done, it’s impressive. It’s very impressive that someone has a story to tell after five years. I love his work and I’ve been a huge fan of his work for a very long time. I worked with Emmanuel on Color girl and it came out beautifully even though it was a very quick shoot”.

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Obi Somto, popular photographer, graphic designer and illustrator, looked like he thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and he had this to say,

“Emmanuel is my very good friend ad we go way back. Coming here, I had pretty much seen all of his work but today was just different. It was kind of an eye opener for me as to how much we can actually do if we just set our minds to it, if we set goals and focus. Putting up a solo exhibition is no easy feat and for Emmanuel to have done it, I’m beyond inspired. Obviously, it’s Emmanuel, he shoots a lot of pictures, he has lovely work and it really won’t make any sense for me to go on talking about his work because we already know that Emmanuel’s work is awesome. The inspiration we are drawing from being here is the highlight for me.”

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