Draw Your Way To N200,000 Cash In The Farabale Art...

Draw Your Way To N200,000 Cash In The Farabale ArtBeat Contest!

Art beat 2.0 is here and the rules are simple:

  1. Draw/Create something epic and original. Send it to [email protected] with a short description not more than 200 words.

  2. If it’s cool enough, it will make our shortlist of 30 finalists.

  3. If it’s not cool enough, it will languish in our email forever along with all the Penis Enlargment Newsletters.

  4. We will post the 30 shortlisted art on our website for fans to vote.

  5. Some of you will be tempted to cheat, lie and try to buy votes. Please, do not give in to that temptation. You’ll be disqualified.

  6. It is perfectly okay to blackmail or threaten friends and family members to vote for you.

  7. Judges will vote on the shortlisted art at a secret voting meeting somewhere in Lagos where there may or may not be alcohol served.

  8. There will most likely be alcohol served at the judges secret meeting. Lots of it.

  9. We will combine the results of both judges voting and fan voting and a winner will emerge.

  10. The winner will walk away with N200,000 cash and a lifetime supply of bragging rights.

  11. Our last ArtBeat winner bought a PlayStaion 4 with his cash prize.

  12. Be like our last winner. Invest in your passion.

Big, big shoutout to Morenike Olusanya (@IamRenike), our friends at KumaNation and O2 Academy for coming through with support. We’ll be announcing some to-die-for prizes in the coming days. Watch this space.

Please read the Contest Guidelines here before sending in your art and For Terms and Conditions check here.

Hit play on the video above to get more info.

We wish you All Good luck!

Farabale-Artbeat-2-sm-01 Farabale-Artbeat-2-sm-02