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Yemi Morafa Film ‘Something Wicked’ – The Almost Psycho–thriller Experience

Something Wicked is a movie that tells the story of a widow (Hauwa) who struggles with the challenges of balancing her business with single parenthood. Hauwa and her children see themselves spiral into life threatening situations after they welcome her recently orphaned nephew (Abel) whose parents were killed in the violence ridden North.

The movie was produced by JAF Alliance, and features Iretiola Doyle, Okey Uzoeshi, Adesua Etomi, Gabriel Afolayan, Ivie Okujaye-Egboh and Beverly Naya.

The movie gets a thumbs up for daring to go into the Psycho – thriller genre of movies. I was at the movie opening and watched with horror how a series of unfortunate events exploded on the cinema screens.

However I am going to point out 4 things that almost killed the experience for me. Take note the last point might be a spoiler.

  1. At the beginning of the movie when Hauwa (Iretiola Doyle) announces that Abel (Okey Uzoeshi) would be arriving soon, Her son (Gabriel Afolayan) asked who he was to which Hauwa replied it was the nephew she told him of whose parents were killed up north. Hold Up!!! How does a Nigerian man in his 20’s not know a direct cousin of his? Not cousins twice removed and all that crap but someone who is your uncle’s child?


  1. Do you know the movie also features Bisola Aiyeola who is currently in the Big Brother Nigeria House? Well for some odd reason Bisola’s character in the movie was always parking her car in front of Hauwa’s gate until she was made to disappear by Abel. Bisola’s actions would not have stuck out like a sore thumb if she was in a neigbourhood in Mushin or Surulere. However this was a top notch estate in one of the highbrow areas where every building was a duplex with a compound of its own. So why was Bisola hell bent on parking her car in front of Hauwa’s house? Some sorry excuse that she was a party girl. The writers of the movie should have created a better back story for Bisola hence her actions would have been believable. For example, she could have had a husband with self esteem issues hence the reason why she was always parking her car in front of Hauwa,s house so he doesn’t throw fit over her money or something in that nature.


  1. Another problem with the movie was Beverly Naya’s flickering accent. At some point it’s British then it sounds like a posh Caribbean English accent and the first time she is shown having an argument with her boyfriend it’s flat out Nigerian. The producers still tried to write this off as a result of the fact that her character was born in the UK. By the way being born in the UK does not mean she grew up there. Well if that was the case why did Gabriel Afolayan’s (Daniel) character not have an accent? Here’s where I say there was a third sibling played by Ivie Okujaiye – Egboh (Esther) who was speech deficient and had to use sign language to communicate.


  1. Now this was the killer for me I know the movie has the premonition tag to it but why? Why does everything have to be so 1990’s Nollywood? I must warn there are spoilers ahead.

In the movie, Abel basically kills Hauwa’s business partner Claudia (Adesua Etomi) and all 3 of her kids. Everyone and everything died a gory and bloody death just like we love our thrillers but the producers ended up making the whole thing a dream. Why!!!  In the cliché Nollywood fashion all that happened to Hauwa was just a dream. Seriously that was just messed up.  Why can’t everybody just die and stay dead in a Nollywood movie? Why do they have to become ghosts or resurrect because God loves them? No offence if you are religious but producers should quit this playing on the safe side and give raw undiluted entertainment.


However I must point out that something wicked was an amazing experience. Apart from the last scene that left me disappointed, the story line was definitely awesome. Abel the psycho maniac in the movie did not just wig out. The writers carefully crafted a series of event that eventually exposes Abel as a killer towards the end of the movie. When the movie goes into full drive you will actually fall in love with the assumed kindness of Abel.

Ivi Okujaiye – Egboh was actually pregnant when that movie was shot but you wouldn’t know. She played the mute child of Hauwa and was totally awesome. I don’t know sign language but her acting was good. There was almost a bit of overacting but it was still palatable. Adesuwa Etomi also struck the right chords in this movie as she was the comedic piece in what was supposed to be dreary thriller. Thanks to the script writers and her acting skills Adesuwa almost single handedly created a balance between the comedic and scary aspects of the movie. At a point In time you might think you were watching a comedy with her hit one liners.

Over all the movie was an awesome experience and is worth your money go out there watch and support the movement of the New Nollywood. Cheers!!!