Data Oruwari And The Religion Of Creativity

Data Oruwari And The Religion Of Creativity

Young, talented and super hot, Data Oruwari, describes herself as a “user experience architect and a visual illustrator.” Humble much, because to the outside world, she actually is a veritable wizard with the micro pencil. Gaze upon Data’s artworks at your own peril, for you maybe drawn into them and never come back.

Data stands out as an artist not just because of the beauty and intricacy of her work, but also because of the fact that she is a completely and utterly self – taught artist. We spent some time with her at our Lagos studio and excerpts of our convos can be found below along with her bewitching art. Hit play on the video above to watch our full chat.


Teaching myself has been the greatest challenge because, here in Nigeria you don’t have access to self help videos. I had to rely on Youtube, Skill Share and external resources to teach myself the things I know. 


She furthermore explains the not-so-easy road to being a self taught artist saying;

When teaching yourself, you just have to go around, it’s a messy way to get to where you want to get to.


Her advice towards younger artists also tends to lean on the self-taught model as she points this out saying;

Anyone thinks that they have a lot of talent, I say they express themselves by themselves. You really don’t need a degree. Art is something that comes from you so I think anybody who just wants to do it should go for it by themselves


Are Nigerians finally appreciating art in its true form? Data doesn’t think so.

It’s a very superficial understanding where when someone sees something they just think because somebody created it it’s automatically art.


They don’t go behind the story as to why it’s the way it is. They don’t go and listen to the artist’s creative process. Art is really deep and we shouldn’t look at it on a superficial level, which is how I think Nigerians see art right now, but its way more than that.


‘Atete’ her favourite project was borne out of her passion for tattoos and heavy dark lines.

Atete has being in the making honestly since I have being a child and I say so because I have always being drawn to tattoo art, the black and white monochrome dot work, that heavy line style but because I live in a society where tattoos are forbidding, I couldn’t pursue that direction


It took me a long while going through water colour and different pieces and then finally saying one day; I don’t care about what my art should like. I want it to be for myself so Atete was me pouring out the visual I have had for the longest time.