PHOTO-STORY: “The Roads Soldiers Travel Are ...

PHOTO-STORY: “The Roads Soldiers Travel Are Lonely Ones.” – A Sobering Peek Into The Lives Of Nigerian Soldiers By Ty Bello

Last year, TY Bello travelled to the northern part of Nigeria, a part of the country that has seen its fair share of terrorism and insurgency. She documented her travels in a photo series titled NIGERIA REMEMBERS.

Last year I got to spend time with Nigerian soldiers in the North East. It wasn’t just the images I made of them that stayed with me .. but the fact that I got to travel with them .In this time riding behind them I got to experience that haunting feeling that still haunts me .the echoes of the past .. it’s almost as if the blood of the slain cry out from ground .. melodies of quiet pain that just sat in my gut..I still feel it when I look at the images .. The roads the soldiers travel are lonely .. uncertain and there’s always a sense of danger… and hope .. that the mission will be accomplished and soon they get to embrace their loved ones again.
Sometimes these landscapes the last things they see . I was shocked to read that some men were ambushed on this same road we travelled on afterwards.
I’ve become friends with some of these soldiers .. it’s always good to communicate and see how they’re doing . Listening in awe as they share stories of life on the frontline .
Every life out there is golden.. the ones we’ve lost and the ones that remain . Daily making sacrifices that most of us don’t have the bravery for . GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS.


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