“Womanhood Is Not Singular” – Ga...

“Womanhood Is Not Singular” – Gambian-Nigerian Documentary Photographer Nyancho Nwanri Speaks Her Mind On The Anti-Trump Women’s March

The Anti-Trump women’s march which was said to be a course for more attention to women’s rights and equality for everyone was held this past weekend in Washington DC, other different cities in the US and even Cape Town.

Gambian -Nigerian documentary photographer and poet talks to FW about how the anti- Trump women’s march affects us in Africa. The photographer believes that asides from the march any damage done anywhere in the world affects everyone regardless of geographical differences. Nyancho’s thoughts on how it affects women in Africa:

We need to recognize first of all that we are one; we are all connected. Regardless of racial, social, religious, geographical or whatever differences, we are all one. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.
If the rights of women in one location are being threatened, then the rights of all women are being threatened. Womanhood is not singular, we all make up womanhood and we need to stand together and speak together with one voice.
Even beyond the Women’s March, any damage done anywhere in the world in any way is damage done to the whole world. If you break a finger, the whole hand is injured, the whole body is wounded.



Image Source: Data Oruwari