Of Prostitutes, POS Wielding Sex Workers & In...

Of Prostitutes, POS Wielding Sex Workers & Instagram Models – James Amuta’s ‘Nightfall In Lagos’ Is A Daring Documentary On Transactional Sex

The documentary, Nightlife in Lagos, presented by Two Angry Men, James Amuta and Harry Dorgu is all shades of WOW. It is deep, educative, entertaining and very, very naughty. Most times when we hear ‘documentary’, we imagine a very long and boring video that you will have to sit through, that can be likened to torture. This perception however, is the complete opposite of this documentary as it was almost like a movie and every part of it told an interesting and relatable story.

The story talks about the Lagos nightlife, especially the transactional sex aspect. It takes us through personal experiences and views of some strippers, commercial sex workers and a beauty queen. We have a young girl who loves to dance but life’s responsibilities pushed her into stripping for money and sometimes being paid for sex. We have a young girl whose first sexual experience was rape and hence was scared of intimacy for a very long time. We have girls who enjoy their stripping jobs and those who do it just to make ends meet.

On the other side, there are commercial sex workers who share their intimate sexual experiences. They talk about the hazards of their profession and their good and bad days. From the ladies who were tricked into prostitution to the revelation that they could sleep with up to 15 men in one day. We get to see into their daily lives and see what drives them and how they can do what they do, the difference between those on the streets and those in the brothels and also how much they get paid per time.


Harry Dorgu and James Amuta

This commercial sex trade is one of the oldest professions and it has advanced through the years. We now have POS wielding sex workers, Instagram models and various social networks that openly advertise sex. According to the documentary, these girls are providing a need and are an integral part of every society. These girls however, also have a voice and many untold stories, so they should not be looked upon with disdain but with compassion.


Image Source: Bella Naija, James Amuta