“I Was Igbo Before The White Man Came”...

“I Was Igbo Before The White Man Came” – Editorial Story As Told by TheStyleInfideL

TheStyleInfideL has been posting photos from his editorial story “I Was Igbo Before The Man Came” on his timeline, we were thrilled by the message behind the series so much that we just had to follow up and share with you. According to Tosin Ogundadegbe of TheStyleInfideL:

So the entire editorial was inspired from my favorite line in the movie Half of a Yellow Sun. It was when Odenigbo was having drinks with his friends and he was having a conversation about colonialism ,culture and cultural identity “…I was igbo before the white man came”, meaning as igbo they already had their cultural identity. They didn’t need the colonialist to tell them or teach them who they were and what their ethnicity stood for.

On what it was like shooting a fashion editorial with culture incorporated into it, he went on to say:

Sorting out logistics was frightful. The indigenes gave us a lot of stress, so my driver took us somewhere else. A community where he had worked before and the people there embraced us and didn’t ask for a dime. I’m a very cultural person by nature so it felt good bringing the idea into a fashion editorial. Working on something with Emmanuel Oyeleke in 2 weeks by God’s special grace.


“…I was Igbo Before The White Man Came” Odenigbo From Half of a Yellow Sun. Amidst Civilization and Status Never Forget Who You Are, Never Loose Your Identity.



Before The Advent of Pop Culture…I Was Igbo!!!



I Had Rhythm On My Legs Before the White Man Came… Editorial Story Adapted From A Phrase in the Movie Half of A Yellow Sun.



I Had an Identity before the White Man Came… Editorial Adaptation From the Movie Half of a Yellow Sun as Narrated by TheStyleInfideL


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