It’s Automobile Related Faces And Features I...

It’s Automobile Related Faces And Features In This Brilliant Pieces By Avoseh Sejiro

Avoseh Sejiro who is also one of Rele’s young contemporaries for 2017 is an artist who creates pieces by using automobile related faces and features. His works are more of personal feelings. Here’s what he has to say about his creations:

I use automobile related faces as feature that’s my regular signature. This particular series is called physiognomical  distinction which means the act of judging people by mere looking at their physical appearance, I believe because I’m black does not mean I’m bad, because I have a tattoo does not mean I am a bad boy,  I have dreads does not mean I’m rough. So, no matter how anyone looks you need to see them as being distinct in their own visual way, that is what I am capturing with these works, no matter how they look, they’re unique.






Stream of consciousness shows us series of images that go through our mind, like when you see faces and voices telling you different things and it’s left to you to choose who you want to listen to, that is what I am capturing with this piece,  if you look at my works I use tyres for the eye to show our ability to move ourselves from our present state of mind, without the tyre the car can’t move, so I use automobile related faces and features to make my statement.


Promotions and time perception has to do with the universal relationship with time. Imagine you’re looking forward to an event like Christmas, it doesn’t come on time but let’s say it’s an examination you’re not preferred for…  time will speed up, my works are more personal, they are of personal feelings.


This is an automobile installation showing a classy lady, when you walk up to her, she’s like… This is the first piece of this automobile installation, finding the tricycle was very challenging, I had to buy it and cut off that part then turn it turn it to a work of art. I used the tyre for the lips and the eye also. The installation has just one eye because I am trying to make a statement with that no one should be compelled to live under societal influences, if that is the image I want to create then that is it.