It’s All About ‘Duality Of The Human N...

It’s All About ‘Duality Of The Human Nature’ In Oladimeji Coker’s Photo Series

Photographer Oladimeji Coker caught our attention with his photo series at the opening of Rele’s young contemporary 2017 which was held on Sunday 15 January at Rele Gallery, Lagos Island. Dimeji’s shared with FW what his series ‘Duality of human nature’ is all about.

It’s about the duality of human nature. I was searching for answers to questions, why men would amass so much wealth and then in the end they start to feel an emptiness. A jewish philosopher, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik wrote a book called ‘The lonely man of faith’ and in the book he mentioned that there were two accounts on the creation of man. In one account man was made to be a majestic being, pragmatic and in every relationship he gets into he’s a selfish human being. And then in the second account that’s when man was made to be selfless, to see deeper meaning to things, and yes that version of man is lonely and because that version of man is lonely he seeks out companion in everything he does. So what we notice is that the selfish part of man is always overcoming in everything he tries to do, man enters a relationship and if there’s nothing in it for him he’s not interested in it and then everything he comes across he’s trying to subdue and dominate and just be in charge. And we become the perfect being when we embrace both sides of ourselves. 

So in the first piece you see two ladies at the table trying to sort out and issue from both sides.


“In the beginning we were created to subdue and preserve the earth.”

The second piece is about people always trying to cover up their second side always trying to show the forceful side, maybe because that’s the way society wants us to be, that’s basically left to us.


And then the last piece is the perfect being, the one that embraces both sides of nature.


“They must realize they need each other to survive this world.”