5 Essential Things About Disruption You Should Kno...

5 Essential Things About Disruption You Should Know

According to Adaora Mbelu “The whole point of being disruptive is that you literally just disrupt. When you disrupt with an idea, product or service, you basically create your own market and create your own excitement and people start to appreciate you in that regard”.

Disruption is an interruption the natural flow of things and making a change. Almost every company or start-up is out to get disruptive ideas to help push the company forward and create that sudden disruptive change.

1. Surprise:


Don’t wait for people to be ready, for your innovation or idea to be truly disruptive whatever it is that you are bringing to the table needs to come as a shock thereby causing the disruption.  When people are expectant, it no longer comes as a surprise, hence the need for the disruption to come suddenly.

2. Leave protocols alone:

Too many protocols put hindrances on your creativity. Try to make sure your idea or invention is out of the box and uniquely creative. Protocols sometimes tend to limit creativity and make you follow the same path instead of something completely different.

3. See possibilities:

Be genuinely optimistic about your idea because once you don’t fully believe in your idea, you won’t be able to see it to fruition. See how far you intend your idea to go and work towards it. See something even where there is nothing.

4. Try something new:

Stray from the beaten path because if you do exactly what others have done, you end up not doing anything new. Be ready to go where no one has gone to achieve what hasn’t been achieved.

5. Welcome criticism:

Due to the fact that you are going where no one has gone before, be ready to find discouragement along the way. People are generally scared of things they don’t understand, do not be discouraged but rather stick to what you know and people will learn to appreciate you and what you have to offer over time.