From Blogging To Styling: It’s Style Inspira...

From Blogging To Styling: It’s Style Inspiration With Athena Of ‘Fab Style 101’

Finally, we officially get to meet the brain behind the brand Fab Style 101. Athena sure has a lot to share with us. We were present on the set of one of her styling sessions and we couldn’t help but chat with her. She’s that kind of stylist that would rip her shirt and call it FAB! The truth is, it’s always FAB.


Can you tell us some more about Fab Style 101?

Fabstyle 101 came to existence during my college days in school far back as 2013/14, I remember saying Fab every time I got something right, it became a habit and I made it into a brand name, duly I started as a blogger fabstyle101 was birth from blogging to styling, fabstyle 101 is a brand owned by Shitta Athena Prisca , 21yr old Lagos hustler to explore fashion and art.


Personally, when did you take on fashion styling?

My interest in styling came about while growing, I was interested in colors, clothes and I remember always being the one to pick everyone’s outfit lol, professionally it started at age 17 after secondary school days, I got my first gig interning in fashion shows, my first personal styling client VJ Adams was a beginning for my brand, he inspired my going into personal styling fully, always thankful for his support and that of his team of amazing guys producer Tiwezi and Tobi Ayeni.


The Red Label Company is new and looking good too, what are the long term goals for this company?

The Red Label Group is my newly found baby, can’t say it just me, as I intend to grow the brand alongside fashion orientated individuals likes Alamezie Franklin , Clinton Omone ,Afolayan Rapheal, and Valerie Afam, we intend to build something iconic. The red label group is a group of company that offers service in fashion styling, clothing lines, Set designing, brand consultancy and art explorative, in that aspect we intend to encourage art by starting up exhibitions to uphold young and existing creative. With our full interests in fashion and art we tend to introduce this specs in different scopes.


Describe your creative process when you are on set?

My creative process, I intend to want DIFFERENCE FROM THE NORMS a lot,  I view fashion as risk and once you can’t take risk in style then you probably a FASHION SAFIST, pardon my English, I want my client to trust my fashion judgement even if it crazy, we learn everyday am not perfect but a perfection in the making, I view the world as my board in which I wanna bring to life new art, different from the norms we see everyday, normal they say is boring I couldn’t agree more. You go out everyday, what do you see, are you just engaged in your phone and your daily business activities? As a creative I intend to be inspired by things around me, the sky, colors, the way water runs through the tap, the wind, the sound, the dirt forming a human shape, the pretty girl wearing a new pair of shoes, the beggars, the posture of our sitting and standing on the road in a bus, those are my references to creating.


How much would you say fashion styling and set design will cost now?

Well depends, fashion styling for me hasn’t been so well paid a job but they pay, the industry is a funny one, as a lady its been challenging, but God’s Grace has always been a backbone for us. For set designing, I just ventured into it and I have been getting quite a number of attention from it, it all depends anyway what clients request.


What has been your most challenging project, by challenging we mean fun?

My most challenging project , hmmm can’t think of any because I think my everyday work comes with challenges, I believe that the push that drives us to want to be better and create more and more. 


What has been your most preferred project so far and what inspired the style behind it?

My favorite project so has been the MANE MEN with Onirokofemi, BOLD LAGOS with Muyiwa Logor and STRANGERS with LAWDFIX. These three projects gave me reason think beyond the norms and out of simplicity, working with efficient muse and amazing photographers has been a dream come true, I was able to put in nature and it balances into these creations.




Have you got any formal training in Fashion styling?

I actually didn’t learn styling from anyone,everything I have known so far was self taught,time spent joining groups on free styling classes, surfing the net and looking up to great people in the industry Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfed,Rihanna, Janelle monae, Styleinfidel, Jekwuthestylist, Angelictouch, Jenrade, J Bowen and co. I have these people, I respect their work and I learn from them and still do.


You get to work with makeup artists. For a makeup artist to work with you, what qualities should he or she possess?

For a MakeUp Artist to work with me, two things actually, Original and beyond norms, so far I have met a few of them and they doing good like they give you fresh and amazing create. I feel a makeup artist, should be able to tell a story with his or her work,and not just want to make the model look beautiful, nowadays I think the photographers do more of makeup duties now.


When you’re working as a personal stylist, what major points do you look out for when styling your client or when putting a wardrobe together?

As a personal stylist, I think body shape, comfort, and colors are essentials for me, these are three things I look out for.


My 5 style essential for Men?

*A White grandad collared shirt,an option if you hate ties,can go on all things jacket or waistcoat.
*A crew neck jumper,is a necessary evil for a modern day man can be worn on all thing shirt.
*Chinos every damn guy should wear chinos old or young.
*Denim Jacket who doesn’t have one?
*A white simple sneakers.


 Five essentials for women

*A plain white tee,easy throw on a skirt,shorts,or pant trouser.
*A ballet flat,a necessary evil for all girls that values are feet,although am a sneakers and slippers.
girlfriend those are essentials too mind you.
*skinny jeans oh yea that life saving lazy jean
*Black pumps the reliable shoe a lady should have
*Bright cross body bag,tote bag being big,clutch too small get a bright color handbag pack.

fab7You recently worked on a shoot with Logor Of Africa, the monochrome dude. Tell us a little more about it and what the experience was like for you?

Yes, my work with Logor even still in progress has been so inspiring, having not met someone as creative as Logor who uses his lense to create memories and explain what life is in reality through black white photography has been a very interesting one,working on BOLD LAGOS with him has been beautiful and the outcome was and still will be worth my time. BOLD LAGOS isn’t just about the people but an infusion of fashion and the environment made this project more intriguing for me.


Any new project coming up soon? Please, share with us?

So many project coming up, cooking up something with Eva Alordiah, LEX Apparel, Kingsleek, editorials and so many photographers to work with, I think 2017 should be fun for the Red Label Group.


Have you worked with any Nigerian fashion designers? If so, can you mention a few?

Worked with likes of KOLA KUDDUS ,NIKKI KAY, SAMMIES COUTURE, O BEAMPEH, EMMY KASBIT, and we have more will be working with, likes of Wanger Ayu am excited on the project with her brand.



Image Source: Fab Style 101