An Exclusive Interview With Zimbabwean Illustrator...

An Exclusive Interview With Zimbabwean Illustrator Ndumiso Nyoni

Ndumiso Nyoni is a  Zimbabwean-born illustrator and motion graphic designer, currently based in Johannesburg, where he works as a motion designer and illustrator.
 Ndumiso creates his illustrations by combining vibrant colours and geometric shapes with African social themes.
Recently, we were able to get him to answer a few questions and tell us more about himself and his Art

1. Tell us about Ndumiso Nyoni?

I am a Zimbabwean-born illustrator / motion graphic designer, currently based in Johannesburg. I graduated cum laude with a degree in Multimedia from the University of Johannesburg back in 2010 and I have been working as a motion graphic designer at an animation studio in Johannesburg since I graduated.

2. How did you get started as an artist?

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I’ve always been interested in drawing, ever since I was young. I remember entering and winning art competitions when I was in primary school.

3. Please, describe your style of art?


My work is a combination of traditional, African themes fused with contemporary youth culture and trends. I like to juxtapose traditional techniques, mostly pencil sketches with contemporary media in the form of vector illustrations and subtle lighting techniques.

4. What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?


My ultimate goal, is for my art to help reinforce the positive way we view and celebrate our various African cultures. 

5. At what stage in your life did you decide that it was art for you?

I think it was during my first year of university. I really enjoyed the process of creating art with a message. 

6. What do you do for inspiration?



A lot of my work is inspired by the plight of our people in Africa. We have come a long way, but still have some way to go in terms of the daily struggles a lot of us still face today. So I try to keep up with current affairs as a source of inspiration and information.

7. If not art, which other career path would you have chosen?

I probably would have been a writer.

8. Can you describe your creative process when illustrating a concept or an idea you are passionate about?


I really enjoy listening to music when I work. I am a big fan of Afrobeat, so Fela Kuti is usually on my playlist. I normally do some research around the subject of my project. From there I sketch out possible concepts and composition ideas. I then scan those sketches and create my line work using vector lines and shapes.

9. What materials do you use to make your artworks look the way they do?

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I think what helps my work to stand out is the use of bold, geometric shapes along with subtle lighting and texture techniques, which I normally add at the end of the process.

10. Name 5 artists that have influenced you?

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Sindiso Nyoni 

Gerard Sekoto 

William Kentridge 

Tomer Hanuka 

Malika Farve

11. what was the inspiration for your artwork ‘i am not my hair’?


‘I Am Not My Hair’ is an illustration inspired by Zulaikha Patel, the young South African girl who stood up against the racial prejudice she suffered from her school because of the way she chose to wear her hair.

12. Any art project in the future that we should look foward to?

Yeah! I am currently working on children’s book that will hopefully help many African children understand that they are the masters of their own future. The idea is to teach our children that nothing is impossible and that with confidence and determination, they can conquer the world.

You Can Follow Ndumiso Nyoni on Instagram and find more of his work here and here