Why We No Longer Have Educational TV Programs Like...

Why We No Longer Have Educational TV Programs Like ‘Speak Out’ – Adaora Mbelu

Growing up for my generation and those before me was a very interesting experience. Watching TV most times was the highlight of the day as there were so many educative and entertaining programs to watch. However, that is not the case these days, as so much has changed over the years and TV programs that focus on educating the young mind are almost no more. This is something that has quietly happened and some people don’t even seem to notice this change, what are we feeding the young impressionable minds?

In an exclusive video interview with Adaora Mbelu, she gives us her take on the matter.

Why don’t we have shows like speak out anymore?

“I think one of the reasons that we don’t have shows like that anymore is because there has been a transition in terms of what we believe that people want or rather, there is a disconnect between what people want and what can be monetized. We are in a pay to air society where you create content and nobody is going to buy your content, you pay to air that content. What this means is that you have to generate sponsorship for the content that you want to air. Unfortunately, a lot of the corporate focus on entertainment and not so much on education or inspiration, as these are harder to sell. The bottom line is that, a show like speak out in this generation, in this day and time will be a harder sell mainly because the focus for most of the people who will give you the money for these things is entertainment and not so much the value of education.