Falana Talks About The Acceptance And Definition O...

Falana Talks About The Acceptance And Definition Of Her Music In This Part Of The World

Fast rising Nigerian Singer, Victoria Falana is not your everyday kind of artist. Her love for adventure makes a categorization of her music into a particular genre almost impossible. Hence, it’s not surprising to find her music possessing key elements of music such as Poetry, Jazz, Soul, Rhythm and Percussion.


She plays the Piano, Guitar and Percussion instruments very well. Falana who recently returned to Nigeria from her base Cuba where she underwent training in music has been receiving positive reception and feedbacks from fans who enjoy and connect with her music.

On The Acceptance and Definition Of Her Music In This Part Of The World, Here is what the pretty dark skinned Falana has to say;

“Though people make generalizations, it is not correct to think or say Nigerians have a one way dimension in terms of the type of music they love or listen to and based on this, liking other types of music is impossible. My ability to diversify along various music genres of music helps me make songs that connects with a target audience.

Her musical background influence;

“I grew up listening to a lot of Jazz, loads of King Sunny Ade’s music. My mum had his videotapes that we watched repeatedly. I have always loved music, so it was just a matter of finding my voice as an artiste”.