Ndewedeul Studio Portrait Series By Djibril Drame

Ndewedeul Studio Portrait Series By Djibril Drame

Djibril Drame is a young promising journalist, visual artist and publicist who has got over 10 years experience in that space. Drame, recently released a photo series titled ‘Ndewedeul’. Here’s what Djibril Drame says about the series:


In the event of terrorism around the world and the urge to bash and paint a negative image of Muslims, we would like to publish these images through you to show the innocence and peace within Islam and its diversity. Muslims come in many forms and GodEye/Gadaay aims to portray that in his images as the celebration of Eid takes place he took the initiative to install a studio every time. This is where everyone is welcome to take a moment to capture a moment with their fellow Muslims in style, love, and peace.

Djibril Drame (Gadaay) has aimed to become a citizen of the world through traveling to Europe (France and Germany) along with other West African countries to be ambassador of Senegal (his home country). Through his art, he shares the beauty of his Muslim dominated country by penetrating different mediums to share these wonderful images, PR services and journalistic background.  


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