Fathers, What Would You Do To A Man Who Hits Your ...

Fathers, What Would You Do To A Man Who Hits Your Daughter? See How Nigerian Men Reacted

This particular social issue about domestic violence has come up several times and also led to all kinds of opinions. Nigerian author, Lola Shoneyin put up a twitter poll about domestic violence and the results showed that Nigerians are not having it at all, in fact, nobody is ready to pray with their daughter saying ‘it is well’, from the results you’re on a long thing if you do that. Here’s the poll.


We asked a few men what their reactions would be if they found themselves in that situation as a father, well, the responses were a bit surprising. Some dudes can actually take a chill pill to have a meeting with their daughter’s husband, but really, what would happen at the meeting? No, really?


According to Yomi:

I will be mad at the husband but I will not entirely defend my daughter, cos I need to here both sides of the story out before I can make a judgement. Whenever a man and woman, I.e “Husband n wife” have a misunderstanding, only both of them can decide on whether they want it resolved or let it slide as an irreconcilable difference, e.g separation/divorce. Else when they eventually settle d whole thing, they bring the third party who helped them resolve their difference in the middle and perhaps tag the person “Bad”. Nothing also should make a woman provocative towards her man, cos like it or not, not many men have the patience/tolerance to cope with some of the things some ladies pull. Everyone is vulnerable to temptation, a reason some man can’t keep their cool when their woman begin to insult them…

Lawrence Osayemi went on to say:

Invite him for a meeting… Lol. I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen in the meeting tho. Any guy that is gonna marry my daughter who have met me, and when he meets me he would know he can’t beat her to stupor. He can’t but he would know that when he comes for “our” meeting. I’m inviting him for a meeting so I’ll have an idea what is happening. Regardless he should never hit her, but you never can tell, she might have misbehaved badly. What if he caught her cheating and all he did was give her a slap at that moment? It is the right move for a proper man…. Find out the actual situation first. If he is at fault then I fuck him up, all those thugs in my area why else you think they are in check?

Abiola wouldn’t mind going to the police station:

 Errm, I’m sure I’ll be pretty irritated for starters, I try never to act out of anger though, might be seemingly irrational. Finding out the cause would be my first point of call. If he is at fault, then we’ll go to a police station to report the incident, because no matter what transpired, raising your hand is never the solution. I’m sure the law’ll handle him. From my end though, he’s lost all my respect and subsequently, I’ll try to coax my daughter to leave his house for the time being.


Feature Image Source: Kraks HQ