New Year New You? – Why New Year Resolutions...

New Year New You? – Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Last

Every New Year comes with promises and changes, either positive or negative. A lot of people see this as an opportunity to start over and change certain aspects of their lives and that is what brought about the new year resolution ritual that people participate in, every year they promise to do better, stop doing somethings, leave that job, etc. The change varies from anything to everything and more often than not you find people backing out of that resolution pretty quickly.

What is a resolution? By dictionary definition, resolution in this context is “a firm decision to do or not do something”. This decision is taken by people who are hopeful for great changes in the New Year and so they decide to start doing or stop doing something. You see people say their new year resolution is to stop drinking, smoking, lying, etc while some decide to start going to church more, work harder, forgive more, love more, laugh more and so on.



Now the big question is Do New Year resolutions really work? I understand all the excitement of getting into a new year and the numerous hopes and dreams we look forward to achieving but do these resolutions made at the beginning of the year really work. That sudden rush and pressure of entering into the new Year, pushes us to make the most drastic and sometimes outrageous resolutions that we can’t even keep up with for up to a week and the resolutions gradually become non-existent.

Honestly, I personally have no issues with anyone making resolutions as it is good to try to improve ourselves in any way we can but making very overly enthusiastic resolutions that we can’t keep up with is not the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making resolutions but don’t be so dramatic about it, it hardly ever happens as easily as we make it look on our list, so cut yourself some slack and start with the little things first.


Why do the changes have to be drastic or at the beginning of the year? New Year, new me, like you can completely kill and bury your old self and start fresh, like you won’t still look the same or sound the same. Most people that overshoot in their resolutions find it difficult to sustain it and inevitably find themselves back doing that which they said they wouldn’t do or not doing all the things they originally resolved to do at the beginning of the year.

We know change is constant but change hardly ever happens overnight and takes hard work and dedication. Most times, the most effective change is one that progresses and is not too sudden as this help the change last. So pace your selves, start small and then push forward, don’t go from zero to hundred, don’t cut corners, do is right and you will find that those resolutions will work better for you. Enjoy the New Year and make sure you do better than you did last year.