You Would Definitely Get Into That Holiday Spirit ...

You Would Definitely Get Into That Holiday Spirit With These Photos Shot By @Spotlightpi For Elan Red

It’s Christmas and the end of another year, so this is a perfect time to get into that spirit of giving. Spotlight photos and imagery shot a series of photos for Elan Red and these images send a message to its viewers on creative ways to give back this Christmas. The styling and direction was done by the style infidel. The series feature models Uju Marshall, Aviddole and Nwando Ebeledike. We also learnt ten creative ways to give back to others this Christmas.

10 Creative Ways to Give Back to Others This Christmas *Practice random acts of kindness by buying the lunch for someone in line with you at the local fast food restaurant. *Make cakes, small chops/finger food or other yummy goodies for your police officers, local firemen, or teachers. Public service men and women who don’t make a lot of money *Donate time, money, or food to a local food bank. *Adopt a Family *Visit a nursing home *Spend time with the elderly, especially those who are homebound or in assisted living. *Remember children in the hospital or in hospice care. *Shop local. Look for locally owned mom and pop stores to shop from rather than purchasing all of your gifts from large chain companies this year. Shopping at local stores puts money back in your own community and supports families just like yours who are trying to make it this holiday season. *Ask around in your community, work, or church to see if there is a family with a particular need that you might fulfil. *If you don’t have the money or items to donate, simply visit with the folks at the local homeless shelter or tent city. Sometimes just feeling like you matter as a person can really uplift someone *Shop @ElanRedStore

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