Afropolitan Vibes Music Festival: 8 Amazing Voic...

Afropolitan Vibes Music Festival: 8 Amazing Voices We Would Love To Hear Again From The Acoustic Sessions

The very much anticipated Afropolitan vibes music festival kicked off on Friday, December 16th, 2016 till Saturday the 17th. The Acoustic sessions featured Adunni & Nefretiti, Ayo Awosika & Mary Akpa, Aduke, Falana, Nosa, JInmi Abdul, Kaline, Sina Ayide Bakare, Tomi Thomas and Keziah Jones.

Now in case you missed out on hearing the sessions, we’ve got some insight for you as regards to the session.

  1. Ayo Awosika and Mary Akpa completely nailed the show with their sweet voices and instruments. They were Two wonderful artistes doing their thing on stage at the acoustic sessions.



2. Nosa blew our minds with that single of his ‘Pray For You’. Right after a short conversation on music with Ade Bantu, the artist took the stage and the audience were thrilled with his performance.

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3. Falana and her Cajon drum, trust us when we tell you that you’ve never heard her this good. The combination of her voice and the sound that comes from box-shaped percussion instrument is marvellous.  dat7 dat6

4. As for Aduke, it’s all about the tradition and the culture. With the sounds of the drums, the guitar, the violin and her voice, Aduke gave a powerful presentation to her audience. Her voice is extraordinary!

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5. Keziah Jones gave us a dose of musical knowledge in an interview with Ade Bantu and blessed us with his beautiful music. You can’t get it wrong when you play as much soul as Keziah Jones does.

kez1 kez2 kez

6. Pa Sina Ayinde Bakare – With Pa Sina Ayinde Bakara on stage, it was time travel at it’s realest. After his interview with Ade Bantu, he took us back in time to enjoy good, old music. 

kez3 kez4 kez5

7. Tomi Thomas – With Tomi Thomas, we can’t say too much, It was great watching him perform, his voice tho!


8. Kaline!!! The girl with the big hair has a voice so unique, it would make your heart melt. She played her piano set so well. To make everything better than they already were, artist heavenly art created a sketch of Kaline which got her super excited. 

kal kal3 kal1