“Hyperrealism Is Here To Stay” –...

“Hyperrealism Is Here To Stay” – Taiwo Isimi Tells Us About Upcoming ‘Insanity’ Exhibition

The ‘Insanity’ exhibition is set to open tomorrow Saturday 26th November 2016. The exhibition will feature hyperrealist art which is not a common kind in this part of the world. FW had an interview with Taiwo Isimi, one of the organisers of the exhibition which will run until the 6th of December 2016.


What is the concept behind the upcoming ‘Insanity’ exhibition? And why that Title?

The concept insanity doesn’t actually mean what many may think. Many would think we mean we are mad but that’s not what we are saying. Insanity simply describes our persistence towards achieving a certain goal over d many years of practice which is attaining hyperrealism. Hypperrealism isn’t a  common practice in the art here in Nigeria so we are pushing it and making people aware that we can also do it too. We believe hyperrealism is here to stay.



Can you give us a shortlist of artists exhibiting?

Isimi taiwo, seyi alabi, Raji bamidele, ifeyinwa chiamonwu, Adefemi David, Ayo Filade, kenechukwu nwadiogbu, Alex Peter,arinze stanley, oscar ukonu.


What should fans and enthusiasts expect to experience at the exhibition?

Creativity and conceptuality. Technicality and draughtmanship. Great stories….lots more.


We don’t have the stats, but it seems there’s a resurgence in appreciation of art by a larger number of Nigerians? Do you agree? Why do you think so?

Yeah I do agree. It’s very simple to see that people can’t depend on sourcing for white collar jobs only. Job employment issues , the economic situation etc. ….The work of the hands will make a way for you. We certainly need to consider this especially during this recession period. The youths are simply getting inspired by those who are making it through using their talents.


How long does it take to create a typical hyper-realistic work of art like you do?

There’s no particular duration really. I would just say it really depends on several factors. The extent to which the artist wants to take the work to, the amount of details the reference entails, the size of the work etc. Nevertheless, from my personal experience and with a little bit of survey, it takes several hours like between 40 to 100hrs.


In terms of Naira and kobo, How much do you charge for creating your works?

Can’t say that really. When you place your order I will tell you lol. Prices vary from artist to artist. The value of the work of an artist depends on time taken, medium used, beauty, uniqueness etc. If the artist has built a very successful career over the years then that will very much increase the value of his works. My first commission work when I started was 500 naira. Over the years my popularity increases a lot….today we thank God my story has changed. …. I’m still affordable though lol


As an artist who lives solely from creating, How has the recession affected you and your business?

It’s affecting everybody o! I just believe that apart from working hard being a reason why I’m able to survive the recession, I’ve just been pretty fortunate too.



What works will you be showcasing at the exhibition?

The theme of my works is called “interactions with the joker”
The 3 works are “engrossed, a message from the sea, and the popular poster cover art of the insanity exhibition titled facing fears. All these works will define my idea into conceptual hyperrealism.