Bet9JA Sponsors Harrison Chinedu As He Attempts &#...

Bet9JA Sponsors Harrison Chinedu As He Attempts ‘Traveling With A Ball Balanced On His Head While Riding A Bicycle’ Guinness World Record

Harrison Chinedu who holds the world record of walking the longest distance of 48.04 kilometres in 6 hours, 15 minutes with a ball on his head, has said he his ready to beat his own record.

The Cambodia based Nigerian footballer beat the record formerly held by Indian soldier Naib Singh who walked a total distance of 45.64km in his country in 2014.

Come Sunday 20th November 2016 Chinedu Harrison is ready to set an entirely new record, “travelling with a ball balanced on his head while riding a Bicycle” from La Campaigne Tropicana Ibeju Lekki to National Stadium Surulere. Lagos Nigeria.

“My biggest motivation was that I believe in showcasing my God-given talent. I know I have the skill and I want to show the world what I can do,” he said.

Marketing & Corporate Communications manager of Bet9ja, Tunji Meshioye, has this to say about the record breaking event:

“Bet9ja as the leading betting brand in Nigeria is known all over Nigeria for setting and breaking records in the betting industry and joining this visionary Nigerian, Harrison Chinedu in this feat of farthest distance with a ball balanced on his head while riding a Bicycle is something that we are very excited about.”

All are welcome to attend the event but if you’re unable to make it, the event will be broadcast on radio and highlights will be shown on television.

You can also follow our countdown to the event on our social media on or by following us on Twitter @mybet9ja