‘Wating For The Waves’ – Meet Africa’s Young...

‘Wating For The Waves’ – Meet Africa’s Youngest Author Michelle Nkamankeng

At an age where most girls will be busy playing with toys or watching cartoons, 7-year old Michelle Nkamankeng is making the list of the top 10 youngest authors in the world.

The young South African becomes the youngest author out of Africa after she published her first novel ‘Waiting for Waves’. In an interview with BBC Africa, Michelle tells the interviewer what inspired her to write the book.

It was when it was on a holiday, we went to the beach and then we saw the waves and then me and my father went in………when the second wave was still coming, I asked my dad why are the people looking there, then he said they are waiting for the wave to come, because the direction is that way, so then I said you have given me a great idea, I will write a book called ‘Waiting for the Waves’.


According to the budding writer, the book is about a little girl and her family who lived far away from the beach and one day she and her family went to the beach and the little girl loved the waves but was so scared of them but her uncle and her family helped her to believe in herself and conquer her fear.

The novel, ‘Waiting for the Waves’ is the first part of a four series. And it was launched at Wits University’s education campus in Parktown.