How Okechukwu Chukwudifu Created The Character Tha...

How Okechukwu Chukwudifu Created The Character That Won N100,000 In The #FarabaleArtBeat Challenge

When the surprise announcement was made on Saturday that Okechukwu Chukwudifu had won the N100k cash prize in the #FarabaleArtBeat Challenge, we knew very little about him other than the details he had sent in with his artwork.

He being in Abuja and Farabale HQ being all the way here in Lagos, we resorted to Facebook to have our very first interview with the winner. During our chat he spoke about his art, his style, his very strange nickname and how he created the illustration that eventually won him maximum points during the #FarabaleArtBeat contest.

Take us through the process of creating the winning art? Software? Plug-ins?

Photoshop through and through. I drew a rough sketch on a piece of paper, took a picture of it and then opened it in photoshop. I used my tablet to draw the outlines in photoshop, including coloring and everthing else.

How long did the entire process take you?

Like a couple of hours. I was really experimenting with the coloring and eventually I settled on the final look.


What’s the story behind the female character? Does she have a name? Is she part of a larger comic/story?

Her name’s Bloody Mary and she is a character from this idea I had. This is one of her earlier looks but I decided to go with a different look in a newer version.
I added the zombies because, well, zombies. Zombies make the drawing scary.

Any plans of pursuing a career in illustration?

At this point I’m open to anything. I put it off while in school because I really was upset about not being able to pursue it. But you never know.


We had a frightful moment when we couldn’t find you online only to find out you use a pseudonym online, Fumar Mota? What does it mean?

Not telling. The name loses its magic once you know what it means.