“Strike Guard Can Defeat Superman…R...

“Strike Guard Can Defeat Superman…” – 10 Questions About Comics With Lagos Comicon Boss Ayo Elegba

We have a small game we play at our interviews. We call it 10 questions. Basic rules: we ask you 10 questions (anything goes!) about your field of expertise and you give us a one word answer to each question. We recently met up with Lagos Comicon Organizer Ayodele Elegba and we played the 10 question game and his responses were quite interesting.

One of the questions we asked: Which Nigerian Superhero can kick Superman’s ass? His answer:  Strike Guard. Strike who? Yep, you read that right. Strike Guard. Who’s that?

According to the Vortex website, publishers of Strike Guard, here’s his origin story:

Abolaji is an undergraduate at the University of Lagos, After a series of unfortunate events leading to his death, the cult thinking him dead, dumped his body into a pit unknown to them, the grave he was thrown in is the same Ajagbeja a general of the Sango army thrown into as well. Ajagbeja who had sworn to return during his dying minutes makes a deal with Abolaji soul which was still wondering on the earth. The deal was that Ajagbeja will have a chance to live again by coexisting in Abolaji body while bolaji on the order hand will have the opportunity to Avenge the death of his friend. Abolaji arrival back to life gives him a consciousness of the open spirit realm in the physical and his responsibility to protect people from the grasp of the leering spirits.


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To know about this mysterious superhuman entity, check his stories out here. And yeah, Hit play in the video above to watch Ayo Elegba’s proclamation.