Rain Threatens Afropolitan Vibes September: Lagos ...

Rain Threatens Afropolitan Vibes September: Lagos Party People Not Having It, Turn Up Anyway

Nothing, it seems, can stop Lagosians from partying when they really want to party. Not the recession. Or the rumors of a fuel price hike. Not even high winds and torrential downpour from the heavens.

According to the Afroplitan Vibes Facebook Page:

The skies were clear and the air was cool as we kicked off the 41st edition of Afropolitan Vibes. Traffic and the football match meant people were slow to come, but soon the park was filled as usual with a jovial crowd who danced and showed their appreciation for the great live performances by our guest artists: Tesh Carter, Megaloh and Blitz the Embassador.

And then the rains came…

First we saw leaves being swept across the main stage area by the strong winds, followed by trickles of rain and before long we had a full on downpour of epic proportions as the epic performer Reminisce came on stage. Reminisce didn’t appear to be phased by it at all, or by the fact that a large number from the audience came on stage to shelter from the rain. It made for an intimate concert. Looking out to the rest of the audience, it must have been surreal for him to see people with upturned chairs AND tables on their heads singing along to his music. 

Naturally, we’d have preferred if it hadn’t rained, but we are happy that it did at least add something special to the vibe of the show.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. Our special thanks goes to all four of our guest artists who not only gave great performances , but also made everything easy for us in the lead up to the show.

Artists roll call on the night included Baba Hafusa AKA Reminisce, Tesh Carter and the German-Naija bombshell Megaloh.

Rain 0, Afropolitan Vibes 3.

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