6 Questions With Instagram Illustrator Oseni Oluwa...

6 Questions With Instagram Illustrator Oseni Oluwaseun

Oseni Oluwaseun is a talented illustrator whose art focuses solely “on music ,lifestyles and entertainments as a whole”. Oseni takes great pride in his work and he’s obviously good at what he does as his art has been recognised by American rapper Rick Ross.

(this interview has been edited for clarity)

1: Please, tell us what exactly inspires your illustrations? And how would you describe your type of art?

My immediate environment has been a source of inspiration for my art and illustrations. music, lifestyles and entertainments as a whole has contributed to the dexterity of my art. Music especially inspires my art, i’m a kind of person that listen to all kinds of music. This made me fashion a quote which says ”Good music inspires good art”.


2: What were the challenges you had when you started drawing?

The only challenge I had was the few support I got from people. Everbody thought it was a child’s play anyway, choosing art as a career and going ahead to study the course in the higher institution has been one of the greatest accomplishment in life.


3: On Your IG Page, you have a satire piece featuring President Buhari, any particular reason behind that?

The concept beind the satire scence is how the present PMB is facing the huge quandary in the country.

Caption this #artofseriiky #killmeorkillus

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4: What has the response been like for you, concerning people purchasing your appreciating your work?

The response and comments from people kept me moving on and pushng my art. Since I started putting my stuff on (my) IG page. I got six clients from USA that I did a caricature art for them. I felt people from the other sides (Americans and Europeans) appreciate art. Africans find artworks and digital arts worthless, incase they don’t know, art is luxury and is meant to be treated in a special way cause every humans is a piece of an artwork. people that drop inspiring comments on my page and dm are Americans and Europeans . I guess more awareness should be put in place to enlighten Aficans


5: Do you do anything else asides Illustrating? If so, How do you keep a balance?

“Strictly visual art which comprises of paintings, portraitures, illustrations and cartooning.”


6.Some things aspiring illustrators should keep in mind?

“Focus is the major key.”