‘Visionary: Ascension’ A Story Of Gods...

‘Visionary: Ascension’ A Story Of Gods, Men & Strife

Comic republic features destinations across Africa and their underlying goal is to instil self-confidence in the youths using the power of storytelling. They keep showcasing more of our African culture to the world.

One of their latest comics ‘Visionary’ really is a re-imagining and amalgamation of some of the greatest myths and traditional lore of the Yoruba Tribe and a conglomeration of many other traditions . It a pellucid story of Magic, courage, loss, betrayal, evil and redemption.

Visionary is definitely exemplary in typifying the thematic doctrine common to all great myths and traditional lore, the inevitable juxtaposition and balance between evil and good, the divine and the mundane, loss and gain & of course, death and life. Frankly, we didn’t set out to re-invent the wheel or replace any original lore with the plotting and characterization of visionary, but, we did set out to create a novel mythology of sorts which will inevitably rekindle interest in our lore and ultimately nurture a deep longing for wondrous experiences.


This project has definitely been a daunting one for Comic Republic through the conceptualization and definition of direction but it is one that gives us immense joy.

In this particular episode, we introduce you to you Sango, Ara, Oya and Hiusi but there are many more to be showcased in forthcoming editions which we can’t wait to share with you.

Readers of this particular comic are in for a suprise as it is African mythology portrayed like never done before.




Visionary: Ascension. A story of gods, men and strife. Out now!

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