Did You Know: Simi Mixed And Mastered Almost All O...

Did You Know: Simi Mixed And Mastered Almost All Of Adekunle Gold’s Debut Album?

The YBNL rave of the moment, Adekunle Gold has released the art work for his debut album, Gold.  One of the most anticipated albums of the year will be released on the 28th of July and is already available on iTunes for pre order. It consists 16 tracks that according to the Album art details were mixed and mastered by songstress, songwriter and yeah, producer Simi. Yes, Jamb Question Simi. Surprised? Not really.

In an interview earlier in the year she had mentioned that very few people knew of her skills with music production.

Being the only feature on the album as well says a lot about her influence on this album, an album that Adekunle Gold has described as being “very personal”. 

About the album art itself, Adekunle explains:

The colour purple adorns the background of the artwork and words are inscribed in gold. Purple and gold are known to signify royalty but the colours do more than just connote royalty, they capture the viewer’s  immediate attention. Here is the first glaring statement that before the viewer is an entity glazed with an obvious ambiance of royalty. You cannot afford to look away.

Going on to the inscription of his name and that of the album, again, the picture speaks volumes. His name is written using diacritical marks specifically to impress accurate pronunciation. Another angle is introduced in the description of this phenomenon; this is the rebirth of not just any royalty but a Yoruba royalty.

The climax of the artwork is embodied in the image of Adekunle Gold. Garbed in a gold coloured Agbada, the music maestro is captured as he looks on expressionlessly into nothingness. The expression is as though he no longer has control of his body. This is no longer the 21st century human being but a calabash that contains the message of his ancestors.

Production credits on the album:  Seyikeyz, Oscar, Pheelz, B Banks, Sleekamo and Masterkraft.  Mix and mastering of songs on the album done by SIMI except track 16 which was done by VTEX. Photography for art work cover by TY Bello.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.30.01 AM

Album Track List

  1. Gold ( Intro)
  2. My Life
  3. Beautiful Night
  4. Orente
  5. Nurse Alabere
  6. Friend Zone
  7. Paradise
  8. No Forget ft SIMI
  9. Pick Up
  10. Work
  11. Temptation
  12. Ariwo Ko
  13. Fight For You
  14. Ready
  15. Sweet Me
  16. Sade (Bonus)

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