Getting Divorced In Lagos State Just Got Shockingl...

Getting Divorced In Lagos State Just Got Shockingly Easy

Divorce in the past took a lot of years, many got tired and just moved on with their separate lives. Others simply never remarried and life was GOOD. Regardless of how great a marriage is, it will end someday either by choice or by death. For those caught in an irreparable marriage and find it unbearable to wait till old age sets in and ‘death does them part’, Lagos state is the place to be, it is at the fore in providing Court connected mediation in Nigeria.

You may wonder how easy it is for Public figures and celebrities to wrap up their marriages under 24months or less, wake up to the reality, it is shockingly easy these days, if you are legally married under the Marriage Act, all you need to do is follow these two steps and gracefully put an end your irreparable marriage. On the other hand, if you are not legally married all you need is a new apartment, a job if you haven’t gotten one and your whole new life awaits you.

Step 1: – Engage a lawyer

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Never attempt to dissolve your marriage without a lawyer. It’s a lot easier when you engage a professional who helps you see things clearly without the clutter of hurt emotions. If you can’t afford a lawyer, don’t get married legally because only a High Court has the Jurisdiction to dissolve a legal marriage and you require a lawyer to file your petition for dissolution, your other option is to settle for a separation which affords you your sanity, happiness and also your singleness. You can’t have a valid marriage to another person legally without a divorce.

Step 2:- Explore Court connected mediation

Mediation is simple, if you can stand to sit in the same room with your soon to be ex, a neutral mediator works you through the process and all issues relating to child custody, settlement of marital properties, maintenance are resolved. Parties with the help of their lawyers draw up a terms of settlement sent to the Judge who adopts as the final Judgement of the Court and grants the divorce according to the agreed terms. Mediation can take a few hours or days if you need time to think through your matrimonial settlements and claims for maintenance and custody of infant children.

Lagos state is the forerunner in Court connected mediation and holds a Settlement week twice every year. Cases are referred to mediation for speedy resolution. It also has various citizen mediation centers scattered around various Local governments and a world class Multi-Door Court house fully equipped in mediation and Arbitration skills suited for a private dissolution of marriage.

I’d say getting married in Lagos is definitely harder and more expensive than getting divorced, hence the increase in number of divorce cases filed daily at the Lagos High Court. According to the Olori of Ife we have Gender equality to blame for that (still can’t believe she actually said that), but as for my humble self I’ll  say ‘better to take an easy way out than to die of frustration or violence.’