Ini Itama On The Eve Of Woman

In our search for creative souls across Nigeria, we’ve met and plumbed the minds of some of the most fearless and driven people. With our interviews, we’ve tried to peel the surfaces gently and take a privileged peek into how the creative mind works. Something is peculiar across most of our interviews however. Creative people are a bit like chameleons. They can with ease assume as many roles and/personality types as they see fit. Whether its borne of the innate curiosity that makes them unique or the split personality is inborn we’re yet to find out.

Take Ini Itama for example. At once a broadcaster, an accomplished painter, a model and a muse. For ordinary people, this might be a bit too much to juggle but for creative people like Ini Itama, it’s a cake walk.


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Having completed a satisfying run with Smooth FM in Lagos hosting the vastly popular ‘Kazbah’, Ini has redirected her creative energy into her painting career and other projects like the ‘Acoustic House’ an online platform for exposing talents in Music, Spoken Word, Dance, and Cover Acts.


She recently held a live painting exhibition in Lekki titled ‘The Eve Of Woman’. We caught up with Ini at her home studio to talk about the title of her exhibition amongst many other interesting stuff! Hit play on the video above to watch the full interview.

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