So, How Much Do Music Video Vixens Get Paid In Nig...

So, How Much Do Music Video Vixens Get Paid In Nigeria?

Someone asked me this question the other day and I laughed. With the rate at which girls go half naked in music videos, they must pay them a fortune he thought. So I decided to find out practically how much they are paid. First of all, video vixens are not particularly dancers in the music videos, they are mostly a love interest of the musician and their major job is to look pretty and maybe just dance a little.

I was once a video vixen, before you say I’m lying, I’m not. I didn’t plan it, my good friend was handling the make-up for the shoot and the artiste was a friend of mine so she asked me to come over. I went to the shoot with the intention of assisting my friend with the make-up because I was bored at home. I got there and the shoot was going on and we were all having fun and then the director thought “hey, it would be nice if you could just walk into the shot, let’s have a girls face in this”. Of course I said yes, I have always loved the camera and I like to think it loves me too. So I was once a video vixen and no, I was not paid, I did it for fun and friendship.

I asked a few video vixens how much they are paid per video and most of them don’t like to say. They make it coded so we don’t spoil their market. LOL. One who wishes to remain anonymous said some of them do it for free, some collect 5k or 10k, the bigger ones are paid about 50k, then those with top connections get paid 150k to 300k. But those are actual dancers and not just eye candy for the REDD cameras. Think Kaffy or Ezinne of CEO Dancers.

A model friend of mine, says she doesn’t do it but from her friends that do, get paid from 5k to 20k depending on their connection. She said some get from 50k upwards too. Overall she said the determining factors would be the type of connection the person has and also the artist in question.

Fast rising act D’el whose real name is Emmanuel Lawal, says “It depends on the video vixens and how big the artist is. Some big names might not even need to pay because the vixens even consider it a privilege to be in the video. Regular artists are charged from 10k upwards depending on your negotiations”.

Richie Patricks who is a model, a dancer and an actor, who has been exposed to the music industry for a while, thinks that most video vixens get paid based on whatever agreement they have with the artists. He says “formally they were paid stipends based on the nature on the job, 15k to 20k thereabout, depending on the artist”.

As you can see, the constant thing here is negotiations and connections. So now we have an idea how much those pretty girls most guys drool over in videos get paid. There are grades, there are levels and there are connections. If you didn’t know before, now you know.