Efik Vegetable Soup – Edikang Ikong

Diet milk, bitterleaf and agbo are the things you need for weight loss, not Efik vegetable soup with huge chunks of meat oh! Yes I am talking to you, you are trying to lose weight and this is the post you are reading, please don’t deceive yourself and move on to the next post or better-still, postpone your diet and dine with us… you are welcome.

Edikang Ikong is way more traditional with periwinkles.  It used to be referred to as “soup of the rich” because it contains so many good proteins, but now anyone can eat it. It is a mixture of Ikong Ubong \ugwu and waterleaf, spiced up with yellow pepper which has a pleasant taste and smell. Please never forget the huge chunks of meat and stockfish. Super  tasty. And, this time, we would be serving our soup with wheat.

This is it…