Anth Insecta – Artist With Loads Of Attitude

Anth Insecta – Artist With Loads Of Attitude

About Anth The artist?

I’m a concept designer, digital artist, graphics designer, illustrator and 3D animator.

My name is Anthony Obuchukwuneme Ezeokoye, Anth.


What’s the Insecta all about?

I founded INSECTA Animations in 2009 when I was 19years old, so I also go by Anth Insecta. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in a middleclass family. I’m 25 years old (as of today) and I am the third son of my parents’ four sons. I am built to solve problems by proffering solutions through creative designs. So primarily, I just enjoy creating stuffs. J


Why Art? 

I’d say I have actually been creating since I gained consciousness of my existence, because I really can’t remember any point of my early life when I wasn’t one of the extraordinary artists among my peers within my circle of influence. Growing up, everyone at home (4 kids) was fascinated about Walt Disney animations, Marvel characters and other action cartoon figures so we could all draw quite well. Although, my art skills got honed over the period of time (6 years) when my cousin Ikemefuna (of blessed memory), spent his secondary school years living with my family. He could draw really well so my aspiration at the time was to get better than him regardless that he was a lot older me. At home we all drew together and shared certain ideologies yet he was my competition. Overall, he really inspired me in my appreciation of both science and art, because he was in the science field as well.

After he left, my younger brother Chima became my favorite drawing partner and we drew almost every cartoon showing on TV at that time.

VConnect Graffiti 2.0

VConnect Graffiti 2.0

Any formal training?

I believe I’m a natural, so really I never needed an art training. All I did was just observe my environment and then make my own creations from putting together, visualizing and then recreating the things I am influenced by. I had a purely science/tech-inclined education, in fact I picked P.H.E over fine art as an elective subject when I was in Junior high school. This was because I felt art would be too easy for me, something like having to learn what I already do naturally.
So I never had specialized art training, schooling or mentor.
However, I learnt how to design as I studied architecture at the university. Studying architecture gave my skills and love for creating art a new dimension. A dimension that emphasizes functionality of the art in question, talking about solving real life problems using artistic expressions; art and utilitarianism; sustainability and all. All these are the principles on which every good design is based.

So I’m not just an artist, I am also a designer.

Expresses love of self. An appreciation of one’s life and personality at a particular time. Nowadays, taking selfies is a cross-cultural language expressing love of self.

Expresses love of self. An appreciation of one’s life and personality at a particular time. Nowadays, taking selfies is a cross-cultural language expressing love of self.

Your favorite work mode?

I started with pencil on paper, so I love it a lot especially when I’m going all “expressionism”, which I prefer to call freestyle. Although when it comes to creating finished works for commercial purposes, I go all digital.

I use a range of art and design software. I’d say I’m quite restless with my creativity. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I search for the best way to express whatever I conceive in my mind. This has made me explore a vast variety of art and design software like revit architecture, photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe indesign, after effects, cinema 4D, google sketchup, sketchbook pro and a couple others.

So when I’m having fun reasoning and doing concept design (which is my favorite thing), I prefer pencil on paper, otherwise I use any software that best gets the job done professionally.

Dues and dews (cry of our mothers): Describes the struggle faced by women in our economy as the play their role in the family, the sacrifices they make and the tears they shed.

Dues and dews (cry of our mothers):
Describes the struggle faced by women in our economy as the play their role in the family, the sacrifices they make and the tears they shed.

Favorite artist? 

I don’t have any favorite artists. I draw energy from a couple different creative individuals; musicians, rappers, writers, poets and designers alike. It’s just like transmutation, I pull energy from these sources of my inspiration and translate or express it in my works. So I’m very careful about the things I allow to influence me because there’s a lot of negative energy everywhere. Sometimes I can get drowned in music while I’m in my creative zone.

Gidiculture Festival 2015 Stage Art Full Art Strip

Gidiculture Festival 2015 Stage Art
Full Art Strip

Your first time? And no, we don’t mean sex.

I remember the first time I drew people having sex. I was about 6 to 8 years old.


…and still in primary school. It was a challenge to create a mental picture and translate it into drawings. I wanted to prove I had more vivid imagination than my cousin, of course he was a lot older than me. So we both made our drawings and yes, his expression flawed mine. I was quite expressive though. I still remember what I drew vividly. LOL. It’s crazy!


Any artwork for an author/Musician/singer?

I have designed a wide variety of different artworks for all of those purposes. It would be a long list for me to start mentioning and it won’t be fair to leave out any.

At the height of it for two years consecutively, I have designed the artworks used on stage for one of the biggest beach music festivals in Nigeria; Gidiculture festival.

One noteworthy interior art is the graffiti I recently concluded at VConnect head office after successfully designing a new brand identity for them.


Artists hate this question but we have to ask. What inspires you?

I research quite a lot so it’s not that easy to pin point anywhere specifically. Let me just say I’m always online learning and getting fascinated by the works of other people. My computer browser history says;

and some others. I’m a nerd and a perfectionist, so I research a lot.


Ever stepped out of your comfort zone?

Recently I painted on canvas using acrylic and spray cans. Although I really enjoyed it but that is not my comfort zone at all. I’d try it again sometime.

Fun story about your art?

I really love listening to good music and audio books, especially those with sharp cultural and emotional angles like rap, rock, country and jazz. Reading texts from books (except tech related books) isn’t really my thing. I get distracted whenever I try to read big books with so much texts, especially novels. I always find myself creating mental pictures of the writer’s description, dwelling in my own imagination for too long and then continuing the story in my head without actually finishing the book. Due to this I rarely finish books I start reading. I just go ahead to predict the rest of the story. In most cases I get it right because my imagination is quite vivid.

Not really a fun story but we forgive you. What, in your opinion, is the hardest step in creating a masterpiece?

For me finishing the masterpiece is the hardest step. Like that point where you decide that you don’t want to overdo things and you’re struggling to stop when you should or shouldn’t as the case may be. Unlike what many other people complain about during the imagination process. Conceiving or conceptualizing an idea comes quite easily to me.

You can reach Anth Insecta for projects and commissions via his contact details and  [email protected]



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