5 Things The World Doesn’t Need To know Abou...

5 Things The World Doesn’t Need To know About Your Relationship

By Simi Onagoruwa

Hey guys, how yall doing today,So while I was on facebook today I saw this amazing article about how to keep your mouth shut concerning some personal things in your relationships and I could totally relate, so I decided to write my own version. This is mainly for the women but the men can learn from this and also educate their women about the things they should or shouldn’t say about their relationships outside.
I could totally relate to this article because we women, we can like to talk for Africa…. Our Mouths just never stops moving, don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing to be a talker, I mean I am an example of a talker, I love to talk ehnnnn, but still there should be a limit to things we say outside. Although some women talk a lot about stuffs like my man does this, my man does that just because they want to boast while some just do it harmlessly, If you fall in any of these categories this would help you out.

So here are 5 things, you should Always keep to yourself about your relationship

Never tell anyone how much your Man earns or if you’re having money problems, it is indeed nobody’s business and they do not need to know this. People also don’t need to know who earns more, who pays for this and who pays for that, although some people can be very nosy in some situations, just keep your answers to their question very short and brief. If you have an agreement with your man about how you both want to manage your finances then this should not a topic of discussion with your friends at all…

Do not share what went down last night behind closed doors, how you were kissed senseless in a gathering with your friends all the time, even though sometimes it might come up in some discussions, just keep it short and brief, you dont have to go into details. If your Man is a Beast in bed and he steady gives you the “D”, keep it to yourself unless you don’t mind sharing him? If you’re celibate avoid discussing it too as your friends may envy you. If you and your man are having problems in that area, then this should be something you both talk about on how to make things better, you don’t need to consult your friends about this, they would only make matters worse.

Avoid giving details. keep it short, simple and straightforward,”My man’s favorite food is Plantain and Gizzard”, “my man doesn’t like this and doesn’t like that”. Why do you need to tell people these important information? Haven’t you heard stories where a friend snatches her best friends man? Why do you think that happens? They already what your man likes and doesn’t like, this makes it easy for them to plot against you to take your man away from you.

Couples fight all the time like all the time about little things. Friction is normal as long as you kiss and make up… but telling your parents, your friends about every single quarrel will not help. Its always awkward because your friends will always be on your side and will keep condemning your man, until they go behind your back and snatch him lol… even though I think any man that was snatched, wanted to be snatched, its not about you, its about them. Then you say they don’t respect him/her, why should they? After you’ve forgiven and moved on, those you told will always remember. This point is null and void if your Man is abusive!

Dreams, aspirations, plans are things we share with people we love, when your man tells you about the mansion he wants to build in 5 years , his dreams, his goals or the business he wants to start, do NOT share this with anyone. Keep your plans, aspirations between the both of you. It isn’t everyone you call your friend that is genuinely happy for you. If you truly need to talk to someone about it, you can talk to God and ask Him all the questions you have. You might think that isn’t realistic but trust me when I say God is the number one person you need to run to with anything bothering you

Also I must include try to avoid making your relationship a constant topic in the gathering of your friends, It is not everything that happens that you say, somethings are best left unsaid. Try to make it a You and Him/Her Relationship Not You, Him/Her and other people, That just never works out.



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