Back To Back: Olamide’s Epic Stage Rant Spar...

Back To Back: Olamide’s Epic Stage Rant Sparks ‘Another’ New Trend

Olamide is like the social media new year gift that just keeps giving. A few days after that epic brain fart that is now stuff of Nigerian music lore, the Yoruba rapper’s Twitter antics where he politely advised DonJazzy and the rest of us on where and to whom exactly we were to entrust our household waste to, of which spawned countless memes, t-shirt pop art and even a premature music single, it seems another YBNL inspired trend is slowly gathering steam on social media.

Fans and non-fans alike are currently replicating the now infamous Headies rant and juxtaposing it with their own life scenarios, negative or positive. For example, our Farabale editor storms into the studio this morning, screaming: “Every Farabale post this year was a hit! Back To Back! From our #FoodieFridays to our #TequilaTuesdays to our really weird artsy posts but where are the fucking nominations? Nada! Baba Iyan Anybody! Copy-and-paste ti takeover!…”

Here’s some of the best picks on our TL:



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