Forget Lil Kesh: The ‘Agbada’ Was The Real Next-Ra...

Forget Lil Kesh: The ‘Agbada’ Was The Real Next-Rated Star Of Headies 2015

Thanks to Noble Igwe and the department of player-hating igbo men who keep trolling #YorubaDemons on social media, the Agbada – that swirling, voluminous, female-orgasm-inducing attire – made a humongous style comeback in 2015. And from all indications, 2016 is not going to be an

y different. The Agbada, it seems is here to stay, at least till Noble Igwe finds his skinny trouser suitcase again in 2016.

The Headies 2015… Ahhh… The memories will stay for quite a while but while everyone was focused on stage rants or dodging flying red plastic cups or enduring that awkward marriage proposal, we all missed the fact that the real winner of the evening (or was it morning?) was the Agbada. It was as though all the #YorubaBoy nominees had a caucus meeting in Olamide’s crib in Bariga and decided to raid Noble Igwe’s wardrobe in Lekki. (How’s that for Island-Mainland Beef?).

As aptly observed by one Twitter user: “How do you expect Olamide NOT to be pissed at the end of the evening when after sewing Agbada for the whole YBNL crew, he doesn’t win most of the awards? Do you know how much it costs to sew one Agbada?”


As a matter of fact, we do. Being Agbada aficionados ourselves, we know that a simple nicely-made flowing Agbada coupled with moderate embroidery will cost you between N10,000- N15,000, plus the cost of whatever fabric you choose to use, which could range from N2,000-N10,000 (Atiku, Guinea Brocade) to the really pricey fabrics N25,000-N50,000k (Lace, Aso Oke). And thats if your tailor’s name is Kazeem and lives and works in his shop in Mushin or Oyingbo. We’ve heard myths of some Agbadas that cost as low as 5k (fabric and tailoring) but we will not be responsible for you looking like Adekunle Gold on the Headies 2015 red carpet.

If you want to go classy on that shit and prefer the ‘Designer Agbada Labels’, be ready to dig deep in your pockets. The top Fashion labels in parts of VI and Lekki will make their Agbadas for N100,000-N200,000 easy. There are even unconfirmed rumors of certain politicians in Abuja who paid for bespoke Agbadas for up to N500,000-N1,000,000 in 2015 but I guess all that has stopped now because #Dasukigate.

We’re not quite certain which of these category of tailors the #YorubaDemons of Headies 2015 consulted, but we definitely enjoyed the Agbada style showcase and all the drama that came with it.



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